About Us

About UsHello, Guys! Welcome to our website. We wanted to share information about Chav’s lifestyle, culture and food habits in our website. At the start, we were confused how to educate people about Chav community.

One fine day, we came up with an idea to start a blog on Chav. Most people will not know about Chav groups. They would have heard but do not know who they are, how they dress up and what they do for their living. Guess! This blog will give you answers to all your doubts regarding Chav group.

We have explored on several website and informative contents to develop this website. If you want to share any comments or queries, please send us a mail. We are interested to know more about chav communities, regions and place of living. Please share your inputs to make this blog a successful one.

antichav.com is a result of teamwork. We have about seven members of our team. We assist each other for collecting information, drafting into words, and taking pictures and to upload in our website. Hope, you find our blog interesting and useful. Our Chav Community blog is a success in the UK. We are looking to forward to promote our blog in other parts of the world.