Northallerton and Huntingdon are CHAV Town

Chav Town

Northallerton is not far from Darlington (Chav Central UK) and constitutes the majority of Chav community. There is a small market town on the surface. There are several nice eateries and good retail outlets located within the market town. The popular Bettys Tea Room is also present there. If you are planning to visit Northallerton, it is best to go in the afternoon. You will not come across serious social problems prevailing in the community. People feel ashamed to walk across the street through Wilkos by eating Greggies to visit their friends.

If you walk one hundred meters apart from the high street in any direction, you will see numerous single mothers with their buggies who will be monitored by a chav. The chav can be seen wearing baseball vest and hat, latest Rockport boots and with a good brace of tracksuit bottoms.

Just like other Chav town, the Northallerton has a nightclub and usual public houses. It is referred as Amadeus. It is mostly visited by a hardcore group of Chavs. These Chavs open carry guns.

The Chav in this area feels that it is right to go to clubs with their parents. The majority of them will be in their twenties, separated, unemployed, from a long list of uneducated and underachieving lower classes and a step parent in Northallerton.

It is simple to trace the Chav hierarchy. You can see most women with numerous tattoos and usually one tattoo in the classy style above their breast. The men will also have tattoos in the form of their name, date of birth usually on their neck. The Chavs spend the most money on purchasing large gold earrings and jewelry despite remaining unemployed.

Northallerton Town

Huntingdon is a historic town located in Cambridgeshire, England. It is said to the hometown for John Major who is an ex-Tony leader and Oliver Cromwell’s birthplace. The Huntingdon town consists of a large group of Chavs. It is the home for child tearaways, drug addicts and single teenage mothers. The Oxmoor estate remains as the chief place for chav activities, and the town is sometimes referred as Oxmoor estate.

It resides Chav community of different sections. When you walk on the high street during weekdays, you can see two groups of people. The first group consists of mums who are fifteen years old with gold earrings, greased back hair and three kids in tow. The second group are heroin addicts who are ready to steal anything from shops like Sainsburys, Wilkinson and Woolworths for their daily fix. Whatever can be sold even sold even the top rated fishing knife from the kitchen shops are target for shop lifting.

In Huntingdon, you will find several chav shops mainly on the town side. Chavs are passionate shoppers. They enjoy shopping at shops like size up, wilkos, argos Iceland (to purchase cheap bling), Woolworths and a new look.

The Chavs shop in a daily basis. After stealing and daily shopping, the young mother and the addicts reach home to substitute another group of Chav community.

The teen chav spends their time by harassing trespassers in the high street. They cheat people and try to buy cheap cigarettes and cider. The teen chav mostly comes out after their nearby school releases them. St. Peters School is the nearby school where most chavs go for education. It is hard to see police officials in the Chav area and it is the main reason for chav to indulge in all such local and cheap activities. The riverside park is the popular hangout area for chavs. When you visit every park, you will find lots of cheap gold attiring morons.

These two towns are popular among chav community. You can easily see illiterate men wearing a tracksuit and Reebok classic. They have formed together and thus established their hometown. Brampton is another popular village where the most chavs will be seen sitting with no job outside a local shop.

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