Struggles that Chavs go through

Anti ChavWhen it comes to Americans, they consider high social status means power and money. But British people value the social status by their accent and birth. The social system of British is hateful and cruel. It is continued most by left like the right. The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones is about chavs. In this book, the writer had an open debate that is senseless. Jones has mentioned that chavs are those against once gratified British working class. The book has received excellent reviews in several places. Jones had mentioned some interesting points about the chavs in his book.

You may wonder why any people dislike the culture and traditions of a chav. It is because they remain hanging on streets for sucking bongs, daily intimidation in good public parks. They make any good place dirty by doing some cheap activities like peeing in the doorways of shops and more. They do not spend the money in a wise way.

They spent on booze and fags. You can see their body with tattoos of their name or some other person’s name and date of birth. They enjoy living bloody hard life, and they do not accomplish anything but feel for their lifestyle.

ChavWhen it comes to a relationship, they can be seen in hot spots of the town like McDonalds, sexual health clinics, bus stations, etc. for a probable partner. They search for a partner to sleep with cousin, aunt and dog after living for two days together. They do not agree the fact but it cannot be hidden or proved through a lie detector.

When you look at the lifestyle of chavs, you will not know much about their problems but aware of their dressing style, gold earrings and dazzling attires.

It is obvious to hear that the child’s mum has slept with all men living in the estate. It is common in chavs community.

The liquor courage will not last for a long time to fight with anyone who crosses your path. Most people will have a good time with Stella instead of fighting for another soul.

It is hard to find chavs employed in a job. But they proudly call their town the job centre. The stranger will be giving birth to your twenty-eighth kid where the father would be enjoying in the pub.

The chavs do not completely finish their schooling. They indulge in nasty activities outside their school.

The chav community does not work but expects benefits from the government.

The chav is a marginalized low cultured people settled in the UK. They are mocked, laughed at and oppressed for their dressing sense, lifestyle and activities. It is hard to believe that some brainiest kids of Britain belong to this culture. The chavs represent themselves so perfectly but in reality, they live an opposite culture.

Ipswich is located in Suffolk, England. It is a large town dominated chavs community. Chavism can be seen all around here, and that is the reason Ipswich remains as a worthless and dull place in the United Kingdom. The chavs could not make a proper sentence. Instead, they use phrases as they feel. You need to take tickets for sitting on chairs, acting hard or to even drink cokes.

They do not have much knowledge about foods that the mothers feed the babies mostly with encrusted chips and Mcfoods. They have money to purchase Blingage and Burberry caps without working or having a job. They borrow money from people or from their parents to purchase their favorite stuff. Their parents would have done something to get a monthly income to support their family and the grown up child borrow for their pleasure.

The police are bit active in Chav areas and trying to restrict certain illegal activities.

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