Yeovil: Know about the Chav Culture

Chav Culture

Yeovil is a quaint, beautiful and peaceful town. It is situated in South West of England that is exactly in South Somerset. It is said that no people will wish to visit this town. Moreover, people would never wish to relocate to Yeovil instead most try to leave the city. Hope, you should be surprised by these assumptions. Let us look the reason in the following article.

Yeovil is housed by the chavs community, and you can see the entire ecosystem of chav community. They breed and live equal to the other areas around them. They do not wish to leave Yeovil as their entire family and culture persists there. It is surrounded by chav culture, chav clothes, chav cars, chav homes and chav shops. All interlink without any theme of living in a global or national community. The town was built to honor two ex-leaders of the industry, military factory of Westland and leather and glove making factory of Pittards.

These are the two main employers who give power to the chav community. Their earning power is seen in the form of eruption like violence on Saturday and Friday nights and booze in the town centre. In England, the highest crime and violence rate is seen in Yeovil. Half the population indulge in crime and violent activities. The chav locals mention their city as highest crime committing city without any hesitation.

For instance, the chavs will show interest in drinking cheap prize booze for one night at the Le Jarden nightclub. The original name of Le Jarden nightclub is Gardens. But it was burnt for insurance purposes and constructed in a classic touch.

pubsSome of the trendy places in Yeovil include Studios, Dukes or The Core. The market area is flooded with excellent restaurants and bars. If you wish to explore the lifestyle and culture of chav locals, the market area is the right spot. It is the place where no chavs wish to escape.

The factories fund the chavs to fight against the council territories. They spend their earnings for dressing themselves with Reeboks, track bottoms and false gold bling.
It is a strange experience to walk down across the town centre especially on Saturday. The Yeovil bus station is the right spot to start your walking.

YovilYou can enjoy walking while watching fabulous concrete architecture that welcomes you every turn. After you cross the fruit machine arcades and discount stores selling hand painted urns as gifts, you will reach the central shopping area – the Yeovil’s business place. It will be housed with a plethora of mobile phone and sports shops and gambling activities.

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